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My Gallery

Duong Ngoc Son

Born in 1973 in Ha Tay Graduated from the Fine Art University in Ho Chi Minh City in 1997 With exhibitions in France, Singapore, Malaysia and Zurich, his works are collected by the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum and private collections in Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. His paintings often hum with an insatiable energy that lures audiences into his paintings with their captivating rhythm. His paintings are never still; the billowing of a Vietnamese lady's ao dai, the curves that hug the architecture and pathways, the dappled surfaces that flirt with sunlight, the subtle tip of a hat with slender hands, and a cyclist maneuvering the streets in Hanoi that is littered with flower petals. His works reveal Impressionistic influences, mixing careful strokes with delicate colors. He employs warm hues to breathe life into the staple rice fields of Vietnam and the simple joy of Vietnamese villages. His brush strokes are playful and optimistic, imbuing his works with a friendly charm that is enticingly romantic.
Ha Long Bay, 2008
On The Flowers Field, 2008
Hanoi Old Street, 2013
Flower Market 1, 2013
Summer In Hanoi, 2013
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