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Mersuka Dopazo

Mersuka Dopazo was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1971. She studied law but her natural vocation and aptitude for sketching and painting eventually led her to leave behind the world of law to devote herself to the world of art. Mersuka has also studied several courses both in Spain and in other countries, however, it might also be said that she is a self-taught person. Blessed with a vivid imagination and an inborn drive to experiment with anything that falls into her hands, she is fully capable of tackling a wide range of subjects and techniques with the same spontaneous freedom that guides her innovative spirit, fearlessly and unhesitatingly. She began her artistic career in 1993 influenced by her experiences of country living, however, it is from her multiple travels where she has derived most of her experience and inspiration for her work. Working with oils, acrylics, pencil, pastels, and when creating a new composition, she has no hesitation to use pieces of wood, manuscripts and any sort of thing she might have brought back from the countries she usually visits. Mersuka?s astonishing capacity for creation and improvisation knows no bounds as is shown by her work which clearly reflects the changes of mood and thoughts conjugating in her mind as she paints. Her portraits in oil, pencil and pastel denote a deft touch for the drawing and, what is more important, bring forth the character of the person portrayed.
Princess Pink, 2013
Princesa Sola, 2013
Amigos, 2013
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